Hovvrad's Photography can be seen throughout social media platforms and streaming services, where he took the words of Joey capital and created a name in photography for himself and ended up in Voyage La. With his many projects and collaborations, he has been able to create his first desired exhibition project "This Party sucks". In March of 2019, he wanted to find a way to show his project "This party sucks" in a gallery space. He reached out to Rudy Garcia and collaborated with his artists on their personal projects, photographing a new style of work with Rudy's artists Romy and Aaron Marco. Hovvrad has stated this was the transitional period in his life where he was able to create work that was in line with his sexuality and creativity.


Early Life:

Hovvrad Grew up in the Inland empire, California.where He started his journey into art at the age of 7 with his cousin Frankie Gonzalez, when they would create horror movie spin-offs. His teen years were spent creating dance videos during the Shuffing and jerkin' boom. His post high-school years were spent creating fashion based projects, pulling inspiration from his 1st job at Nordstrom, where he spent his time studying fashion films and its musical influences.

During his freshman (age 18) year of college he faced issues at home with his sexuality and career, in which he left home and lived with friends. During this time he dropped out of school to pursue art full time, where he taught himself more about the art of filmmaking and style. He transitioned into photography after working with his friend Joey Capital, where he was his photographer, producer and video creator. A year later (age 19) he his friend Jakob reached out to him on twitter and from their they have collaborated on multiple projects from; "Rockstar, California cozy, etc.".



Hovvrad's first paintings can be found in his unreleased project "This party sucks", where he painted the man portrayed in the photos, as a way to promote the project. This and a few paintings of nude men caught the attention of Rudy Garcia, and from there Hovvrad created his 1st solo exhibition "Dying of thirst shown at 3.1 Philip lim curated by Rudy Garcia. He he explored his sexuality through desires and encounters in his life through the colorful shells of nude bearded men. This show caught the attention of Queer Biennial's Ruben Esparza and invited Hovvrad to the Tom of Finland house to Gio Black Peter's artist in residence exhibition. Hovvrad created his next project "my friends in low places" for the Tom of Finland arts and culture festival. During the event he was asked to show at the bar Faultline and applied to the Tom of Finland artist in residency program. While photographing on tour for the artist Mei (formally known as Brandt Orange), he was accepted to the artist in residency program at the Tom house. To close out his 2019 year Hovvrad sold out two solo exhibitions back to back from November to December, where he displayed his versatility in combining his photography, film making, and painting mediums.


Before becoming the youngest multi medium artist in residence at the Tom of Finland foundation, Hovvrad was a filmmaker, creating a range of visuals that have progressively transformed from a love for fashion and music into visual fever dreams that have sparked interest from brands and music artist.

While couch surfing and working on his craft, he work at Mcdonalds to fund his craft. While here he met his best friend Anthony Navarro (Ant) and they created "Hovv and Ant" a collaboration in which they created films for Vapor 95Members only, and music videos during the years if 2017-2019.

Hovvrad's earliest projects were all obtained off word of mouth and social media messages, where he navigated between fashion and music based film work. This is how he obtained the friendship/mentorship that got him on his 1st big project "Nike by Melrose" with the help of Chris San Jose. From there he took on projects from music videos to fashion brand visuals, developing his "Fever dream" style of work, where he has created 50 plus projects before his transition into painting.


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