Curious Magazine

Curious Magazine

Curious Publishing is a non-profit artbook publishing company based in Pomona, California.


I would like to thank them for being a supportive outlet and for giving me the chance to show to a larger audience where I'm from.


Around February I was asked by curious to be a part of an issue they had in mind. I said yeah but there wasn’t much besides asking. Fast forward to quarantine they reached out again asking if I was still down and if so to send work. At the time I was working on the project “Too far from home” and around that time I was still sketching out the paintings I had in mind for the project. Fast forward to a few weeks after I hit them back with more details about the project I was working on and basically they loved it and asked me to push it through that issue. The issue is the queer artist issue, so duh I was going to take it. As days progressed more ideas came to life, digging through old notebooks I brought my 19 year old dreams to life. As time progressed, my project grew. One day I woke up around 5 am, was really upset but happened to see an email from Curious. I opened the email to find out I was the cover artist and I lost my shit. In this issue you will find an exclusive interview with myself and Curious magazine, where I talk about my project, my journey, and answer some personal questions about my voyage as an artist. When working with Curious, this was my 1st time being asked to be in a photoshoot where they sent out the wonderful photographer, Haizzly, who worked with the concept I pitched, the photos came out stunning. Working with Curious gave me the chance to show work to my hometown audience that I didn’t have before. Overall working with Curious has been one of my favorite moments so far in my art journey, they put their trust in me to come up with a good project and they provided what I needed. This project's completion and push for perfection would have not been without the help from the team at Curious magazine. 


I have decided to create a book to expand the telling of my story. All the money that is made from the books will be put in a public account. My goal is to be able to raise enough money from the books and paintings to split a good amount for the artist microgrant and for Curious.  


I wanted to make a more accessible, affordable option so we decided to print a soft cover copy as well


Recently the founder of Curious Publishing, Rebecca Ustrell’s residence has burned down. Her and her roommates Michael Palmer and Henry Anderson have been heavily financially affected by this tragic event. 


If you would also like to donate on your own the gofund me for our friends at Curious is